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Infographic with steps for leading small groups

About This Graphic

This infographic shows the five strategies associated with the Leading Small Groups section of the Presentation Skills Toolkit for Medical Students. Each of the five sections includes a heading for the strategy followed by a brief description and an illustration.

Explicitly outline goals:

An illustration shows a piece of paper with a paperclip and three boxes, each with a checkmark. A target with an arrow in the middle overlaps the paper. The text reads, "Listing expected outcomes at the beginning will help everyone know what is to be accomplished."

Establish ground rules:

An illustration shows the silhouette of a person in the middle. They have their hands on the heads of two smaller people on either side as if preventing them from fighting. The text reads, "Inform group members of how they should participate and interact."

Create an inclusive environment:

An illustration shows four hands representing different races pointing to colorful puzzle pieces in the middle. There is a stack of papers under the puzzle pieces. The text reads, "Set the stage, both physically and in discussion, to give everyone an opportunity to participate.

Keep discussions constructive, positive, and on task:

An illustration shows three arrows. The middle arrow points to a person in a neon vest who is holding two orange lights as if directing an airplane. The text reads, "Redirect the group when conversations lead away from achieving the group's goals."

Manage virtual meetings:

An illustration shows a person sitting with their legs crossed and hands on their knees. A large, circular clock is behind them. The text reads, "Be more patient with members' response times and certain that all participants have an opportunity to be heard."

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