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Infographic with steps for formal lectures and presentations

About This Graphic

This infographic shows the five strategies associated with the Formal Lectures and Presentations section of the Presentation Skills Toolkit for Medical Students. Each of the five sections includes a heading for the strategy followed by a brief description and an illustration.

Define the objectives of the presentation:

An illustration shows a target with an arrow in the middle and five boxes branching from it to resemble a chart. The text reads, "Describe what specific, measurable, or observable knowledge or skill the audience should acquire because of your presentation."

Design an effective slide set:

An illustration shows an icon of a hand pointing to the center of a gear. There are arrows pointing to the sides of the graphic, two on the left side of the gear and two on the right. The text reads, "Avoid lengthy text, decorative fonts, clip art, graphs, and pictures as these may be distracting."

Practice your performance:

An illustration shows a person wearing a suit holding laptop and gesturing while having a video chat. The text reads, "Know the lecture material but also the slides — without prompts!"

Create a positive learning environment:

An illustration shows a person sitting on a desk with their legs crossed while holding their arms up. There are a coffee cup and office chair next to them. The text reads, "Anticipate questions and allocate sufficient time at the end of the presentation to answer them. Always repeat the questions being asked for the audience's benefit and to ensure your understanding. Some questions may be challenging; be prepared and answer honestly. It is acceptable not to know an answer."

Demonstrate professionalism in presenting:

An illustration shows a person in a business suit holding a notebook and gesturing. The text reads, "Remain calm, collected, and open to feedback."

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