Webinars for Medical and Graduate Students

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Learn how to find and apply for away rotations with the VSLO® program.

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There are several steps in transitioning from medical school to residency or in pursuing an MD, MD-PhD, or PhD degree, including choosing your specialty, applying to programs, and managing your finances. The AAMC offers several webinars to help you navigate the process.

Medical Student Calendar

This calendar provides dates and important deadlines for AAMC services and applications. You can also subscribe to individual calendars using Google Calendar.

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Specialty Exploration and Selection

Hear from a panel of physicians, representing a variety of specialties, discussing their specialty choice, the factors and considerations they grappled with, and how they ultimately decided the path they would pursue.

This webinar addresses common questions about the away rotation process. Attendees heard directly from a panel of Host institutions representing three highly requested specialties and gained an understanding of their review and decision-making processes.

Title card that says Resident Panel Finding Your Specialty Fit

This webinar features a panel of current and recently graduated medical residents across a variety of specialties. Hear them discuss their specialty choices, the factors and considerations they grappled with, and how they ultimately decided the path in medicine they pursued. 

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Title Card that says Navigating Expectations following the Transition of STEP 1 - "Next Step 1"

A collaboration of the AAMC's Group on Educational Affairs (GEA), Group on Student Affairs (GSA), Group on Information Resources (GIR), and Organization of Student Representatives (OSR), this webinar addresses issues arising from the alteration of Step 1 scoring.

Applying to MD/PhD and PhD Programs

Title Card that says Becoming a Competitive Applicant to a Biomedical Sciences PhD Program

Learn how to be a competitive applicant to a biomedical sciences graduate program, presented by West Virginia University.

Title card that says Getting into a PhD Program in the Biosciences

This webinar is recording of the PhD Outreach Committee presentation at the 2022 NIH Graduate & Professional School Fair on PhD Life Sciences programs. It covers the application process, career options, and more.

Title card that says PANEL: MD/PhD: Is it for you?

Presented at the 2022 NIH Graduate & Professional School Fair, the MD-PhD Communications Committee shares their insight into MD-PhD programs, the application process, and more.

Financial Aid

Title card that says Student Loans and Repayment Strategies

Learn some effective ways to manage your student loan debt and how to determine which repayment strategy is right for you after graduation. 

Title card that says Money Management for Entering Medical School Students

As a new medical student, the best way to plan for a successful future is to borrow wisely. Take a look at these tips for understanding money management during medical school.

Title card that says Home Financing for Graduating Medical Students and Residents

This video discusses how to obtain the best home financing and explains the steps to take and questions to ask when applying for a mortgage.

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Title card that says Insurance What Do You Need When Do You Need It

During this webinar you will learn about the types of insurances, tools, tactics, and resources that will maximize your knowledge and help you prepare to obtain the proper insurance coverage throughout your medical career.

Learn more about the impact of COVID-19 relief measures on student loans, Biden Administration student loan forgiveness plan, and updates on PSLF.

Title card that says 7 Steps to Increase Your Credit Score

Building good credit is not a quick process: it takes time and intentional decisions. Luckily, these actions can increase your credit score simply and efficiently.

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Applying to Residencies and Fellowships

Thalamus Webinar Title Card

Tailored for residency and fellowship program directors, coordinators, and other leadership, this webinar outlined immediate collaboration benefits and answer questions about the onboarding process.

Title card that says Prep for Success in your Virtual Interview

This webinar will help you prepare for  virtual interviews during the residency application process.

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This webinar features AAMC and AMA transition to residency tools such as Careers in Medicine, FREIDA™, the Residency Explorer research tool, an overview of the new content in the MyERAS application, and more. 


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