Apply Smart for Residency

Applying to residency involves a complicated set of steps and decisions. The AAMC is committed to providing information to help you apply smarter for residency. We have curated a series of resources that explain the process and ensure that the residency program you select is the right fit for you.


Understanding the Application Process

Get answers to your questions about the residency application process. Tips, resources, and a helpful timeline available.

Researching Residency Programs and Building an Application Strategy

Did you know that there is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to applying to residency positions? Do you know the average USMLE scores for first-year residents in your preferred...

Interviewing for Residency Positions

Learn what you can expect from the residency interview process, including advice from residents on what to ask and tips for successfully navigating the interview trail. 

Managing Your Finances During Residency

Review strategies for managing your financial aid and daily finances during residency so that you can make the best financial decisions. 

Apply Smart for Residency

Applying to residency is a complex and time-consuming process. Learn how to gauge your strengths and level of competitiveness to apply strategically and improve your chances of a successful match.

Optimizing Graduate Medical Education

Graduate medical education in the U.S. is at a critical juncture: Changing demographics, exponential growth in medical discovery, and new expectations about the way physicians and patients partner and interact are demanding innovative change in medical education and health care delivery. ...

Advisors: Advise Smart

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Program Directors: Select Smart

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