Priya Thomas - New!

Feeling ready for the MCAT is not how you feel right before the exam or even the days leading up to the exam but your long-term progress over the many practice exams you’ve taken by test day.

Roberto Garcia

I wouldn’t psych myself out based on what other people say about the exam.

N. Sanchez

Read a lot. Even books for pleasure. Always have a book with you to read during a break. I thought this was the most helpful for the CARS section.

Christina from Howard University

Just because you made a plan doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. You can adjust it as you go along.

Lauren Morehead - Updated!

Don’t freak out. I panicked after seeing my first full-length test result and I almost gave up. Take it in and keep pushing forward.

Lara Ambrosi

Find your own groove. A lot of people told me to take a course or have someone tutor me because they didn’t think I could get a better score by myself. But I did, and I saved a lot of money, and it was a lot more satisfying. Find what works for you.

Da'Kuawn Johnson

CARS [Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills] was my weakness. I read a lot of stuff outside of science, things that were artistic or political.

Huy Do

Take a lot of full-length tests and do practice questions, especially the ones offered by the AAMC. I was surprised at how representative they were.

Taylor Sanders

Have fun while you’re studying. Make it interesting to you.

Troy Kleber

The process of organizing notes, categorizing them, and comparing them with the AAMC's What's on the MCAT? online tool is valuable. I could visualize sections of my notes during the exam.

Munir Buhaya - Updated!

Practice, practice, practice. Train your mind and body to be ready for a seven-hour exam.

Cameron Clarke

It will never feel like enough prep, but at some point you have to trust yourself and take the exam.

Zoe Cosner

Don’t get too worried if one of your full-length tests doesn’t go as well as you had hoped.

Joshua L. Morris

Don’t let distractions take over your study time (phone, Facebook, etc.).

Jen Hao - Updated!

Take the practice exams seriously and simulate exam day as closely as possible.

Nathaniel Neptune

You do not have to spend a lot of money. If you are dedicated, committed, and stick to a plan, you can study effectively and receive a high score on your own with the use of full-length tests and free online resources.

K. Oyemade

Don’t study alone. People can be active networks to help you study better.

Sarah Becker

Don’t get used to testing with distractions. You shouldn’t complete full-length tests or study with music, while snacking, etc.

Kayla Jackson

I think it would have made a big difference to commune with other MCAT test takers just to know that I wasn’t alone, to know that my worries were valid, and to get confidence to carry on.

Molly E.

Don’t compare your study habits with others.

Student at Creighton University

Go talk to the professors who taught you specific subjects if you have questions. It was really helpful to be able to explain why a certain answer is wrong.

Laura J. Collins

I’d recommend that people read. I read a lot of books in general and that helped me read quickly.