Summer Enrichment Programs

Search this database to find summer enrichment programs on medical school campuses.
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Six Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer

Summertime on your mind? You’ve worked hard this semester and have earned some well-deserved time to sit back and slow down for a change. While summer is your time to relax and recharge, it’s also a great opportunity to start focusing on rounding out your medical school applications. So how...

Ask the Experts: Finding and Working With a Mentor

"A mentor is a cheerleader; a mentor is a facilitator; a mentor is a motivator, and sometimes even a nudge. But, first and foremost, a mentor has your best interests at heart," says one expert.

Ask the Experts: Preparing for Medical School as an Undergraduate

"Develop your 'whole self': solid grades and MCAT scores, extracurricular involvement in the community, research and participation in summer programs if possible, and strong letters of recommendation," says one expert.

Explore Possibilities with Medical Career Fairs

If you're considering a career in medicine, attending a medical career fair can help you explore your options. Medical career fairs offer workshops, hands-on activities, and opportunities to talk to current medical students and medical school admissions staff.
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Information for High School Students

In high school, the best thing you can do to prepare for a medical career is to build a good foundation of math and science, including taking advanced classes, if available.
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Postbaccalaureate Research Education Programs (PREP)

PREP provides an opportunity for undergraduates who hold a recent bachelor's degree and who have the desire to pursue a research doctorate (PhD or MD-PhD) to have meaningful research experiences to guide them towards careers in the biomedical sciences.