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Applying to Medical School as an International Applicant

Instructions for international applicants who want to apply to U.S. medical schools using the AMCAS® application.

Applying to Medical School

An overview of the medical school application process.
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Deciding Where to Apply

There’s an old saying, “If you’ve seen one medical school, you’ve seen one medical school.” What is meant by that is that all medical schools are unique. They vary in mission, location, size, and countless other variables.
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Preparing for Medical School Interviews

Get answers to common questions about one of the most important phases of the medical school application process.
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Dealing with Application Anxiety

Applying to medical school can feel overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t always have to feel that way. It’s normal to feel anxious about the process, but there are resources to help you manage stress and keep yourself on track.

What it’s Like to Participate in Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

The MMI is designed to assess communication skills, specifically verbal and nonverbal skills that cannot be measured by standardized exams or transcripts. The MMI typically consists of six to 10 very short interviews that revolve around a specific scenario.

How Medical Schools Review Applications

You know the time and effort you put into your medical school and secondary applications, but what happens after you click submit? Here is what the process looks like for medical school admissions officers and staff.

Applying to MD-PhD Programs

Are you considering a MD-PhD program? Here are answers to your basic questions about applying to MD-PhD programs.
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Applying as a Veteran or Current Military Member

If you are an active duty member of the military, a reservist, or a veteran who is thinking of applying to medical school, there are resources and financial benefits to help you get a medical education.
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Parent's Guide: Helping Your Student Apply to Medical School

With college students busier than ever, sometimes an applicant’s parent(s) will get involved to try to help with the medical school application process. This fact sheet is not meant to be a comprehensive guide; rather, it provides tips and best practices to help parents navigate the medical...
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How Social Media Can Affect Your Application

We answer your questions about how your social media presence can impact your medical school applications.