Postbaccalaureate Research Education Programs (PREP)

PREP provides an opportunity for undergraduates who hold a recent bachelor's degree and who have the desire to pursue a research doctorate (PhD or MD-PhD) to have meaningful research experiences to guide them towards careers in the biomedical sciences.
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PREP is designed to strengthen participants' research skills and competitiveness to pursue a PhD or MD-PhD degree.

Participants conduct research in a mentored environment and participate in professional development and educational programs.

There are three formats to pursue this training:

Postbaccalaureate Research Education Programs (PREP)

These programs are designed to help underrepresented minorities who recently received their bachelor's degree strengthen their research skills and academic competitiveness for PhD and MD-PhD Programs.

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NIH Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award Program

This NIH program provides recent college graduates who are planning to apply to PHD, MD, or MD-PhD programs an opportunity to spend one or two years doing full-time research at the NIH (in Bethesda, Md., as well as in N.C., Mont., Mass., and Mich.)

Non-NIH Postbaccalaureate Research Programs

Some academic medical centers have organized research training opportunities. This research/training typically extends for 1 to 2 years in formats that vary among the individual programs. See individual academic centers for more information.

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