Finding the Details of Your Loans in NSLDS

Do you know how much you owe in federal student loans? Do you know to whom or where to send your payments? Do you know the status of your loan – are they in a grace period, delinquent or in default? Do you know when your first payment is due? Where can you find the answers to all of these questions? Visit the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).

What is NSLDS?

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is the U.S. Department of Education’s online database for federal student loan borrowers. NSLDS receives data from schools, loan guarantee agencies, the Direct Loan program and other Department of Education programs.  This web-based resource provides you with access to the details of your loans.

Getting Started

  1. Go to
  2. Select ‘Financial Aid Review’
  3. Review and Accept the ‘Privacy Statement’
  4. Enter your FSA ID username and password

What Will You See in NSLDS?

In your account, you will see your name, enrollment status and the effective date of your status. You will also see a list of the federal loans* you have borrowed, detailing the name of each loan, the disbursed amounts, the dates of disbursement, and the last known balance.

For additional details about each loan, click on the loan’s number (listed in order of newest to oldest). Here you will find more detailed information such as the loan servicer’s name and contact information.

Since loans can have different servicers, it’s important to identify the servicer for each loan.

Details You Should Know

There is a lot of information about your federal student loans within NSLDS, but prior to graduation, there will be five pieces of information that will be critical to know as you prepare to manage your debt:

  • Loan Type (name)
  • Loan Servicer
  • Disbursement Dates
  • Loan Balances
  • Repayment Dates

Knowing this information will help you:

  • determine which repayment plans you qualify for
  • find your total loan balance and amount of outstanding interest
  • know where to send your payment and who to call for assistance

What Won’t You See in NSLDS?

  • Details on Private or Institution Loans. NSLDS is for federal loans only. To find the details of other loans you’ll want to review your credit report, or reach out to the lender of the loan, or your school’s financial aid office.
  • Loans for Disadvantages Students (LDS) and Primary Care Loans (PCL) are the only federal loans that are not included in NSLDS. For information and details about these loans, contact the financial aid office.
  • Real-Time Account Balances are not available. The Outstanding Principal Balance (OPB) of each loan will be listed, but this is not real-time data. To determine the most current balance, contact your loan servicer(s).   

For Additional Assistance

*with the exception of PCL and LDS loans

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