Match Support

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Determine questions to ask yourself, review strategies and actions you may want to implement, obtain information to manage your student loans, and understand where to turn for additional support and resources after the Match.

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Resources to Help You

FindAResident (FAR) 

FAR is a year-round, web-based search tool designed to help you find open residency and fellowship positions in all ACGME and ABO+G accredited programs.

FAR supplements the Electronic Residency Application Service® (ERAS®) and is ideal for finding unfilled positions—especially if you experienced an unsuccessful match through the National Resident Matching Program External Link (NRMP) Main Match® or SOAP®. 

NRMP® Resources

NRMP maintains a list of all unfilled positions on their website after SOAP. These include programs that chose not to participate in SOAP as well as those that remain unmatched after Match and SOAP have ended. Applicants are free to apply to those programs through ERAS until May 31 when ERAS closes for the season.

Careers in Medicine

Careers in Medicine offers career planning and specialty choice resources sponsored by the AAMC to help students choose their specialty and apply for residency.  Resources for unmatched students include the Medical Specialty Preference Inventory, Revised edition, to aid in selecting specialties that fit your interests, and articles and information about applying and interviewing for residency and the Match.

Other Resources

Some specialty leadership websites maintain lists of open positions. For example, the American Psychiatric Association's Division of Education and Lifelong Learning has a webpage that shows all the available training program vacancies.

Managing Your Student Loans

Find Your Loans

The first step to successful student loan management is understanding what loans you have and what your options are for temporarily postponing payment and/or repaying your loans. If you have any institutional loans (undergrad or medical school), you will need to contact the school directly to discuss your repayment options.

Federal Student Aid  

The Federal Student Aid website contains information about all of your federal loans. You will find information about who is currently servicing your loan(s), as well as additional details about each loan (i.e. date of disbursement, loan status, interest rate, etc.).

If you have private loans, your loans will appear on your credit report, so if you no longer know who your lender is or how much you owe on your private loan, requesting your credit report will allow you to obtain this information. This website allows you to review your credit report once a year from each of the three credit bureaus free of charge.

Education Debt Manager for Matriculating and Graduating Medical School Students

This booklet provides common sense strategies for managing student loan debt as well as tips for money management. Download your copy today.

FIRST Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide information about what to expect, steps to take, and options for repaying and managing your loans throughout repayment. Additional Fact Sheets can also be found on the FIRST webpage.

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Contact FIRST
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