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Test Preparation

The AAMC has extended access to MCAT Official Prep products through September 30, 2022, for all examinees whose exams were canceled in testing year 2021 by the AAMC and were not able to test in 2021. The extension applies to products, purchased through the AAMC, that are set to expire between December 30, 2020 – September 29, 2022.

The extensions are intended to aid examinees who meet the following criteria:

  • Anyone whose 2021 exam was canceled by the AAMC and was not able to test in 2021 after the AAMC cancelation.
  • Anyone who was approved for an emergency refund request in testing year 2021 and was not able to test in 2021 after the refund request was approved. 
  • Anyone who meets the above criteria and has products associated with their AAMC account expiring between December 30, 2020 – September 29, 2022, including any Fee Assistance Program recipients who meet the criteria outlined above.

Please note: AAMC has identified eligible examinees and extended products. If you think you were eligible but did not receive an extension, please email

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