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Course-Mapping Tool for the MCAT Exam FAQs

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A list of frequently asked questions to help pre-health advisors use the Course-Mapping Tool for the new MCAT exam.

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About the Tool

The courses needed to prepare for the new MCAT exam differ by school. In order to help faculty, advisors, and students identify the courses at their school that teach the knowledge and skills needed for the new MCAT exam, the AAMC, with input from pre-health advisors, developed a tool that can be used to match new MCAT content to courses. The tool is a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet that prompts users to match new MCAT content to courses so advisors, faculty, and students can see the different combinations of courses for students to acquire the knowledge and skills tested on the exam.

The Course-Mapping Tool for the MCAT2015 Exam version 2 .0 has the updated content for the MCAT exam from the tool “What’s on the MCAT Exam?”  You can use the 1.0 version and made edits to the spreadsheet by unlocking it and using the “Update Summary for Course-Mapping Tool Version 2” document to update the spreadsheet. Or you may download the 2.0 version and map your courses to the content.
This video explains how to update your previous version of the tool.

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