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There's a story behind every application. Read about some of the inspiring journeys others have made from applicant to medical student to physician.

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Deena Mohamed Headshot

Deena Ragab Mohamed

Her sister's cancer diagnosis, an unsuccessful first application cycle, and a pivot to study aviation were all milestones along Deena’s path to medicine. Deena encourages aspiring applicants to ‘never take no for an answer’ and make resilience your superpower. 

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Bridger Rodoni Headshot

Bridger Rodoni

Bridger decided becoming a doctor would allow him to have a bigger impact in improving the health and wellness of people in his home state of Montana.

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Sotonye Douglas Headshot

Sotonye Douglas

Sotonye’s journey to medical school was one of resilience, determination, and perseverance. Her advice to applicants is to do your research, find mentors aligned with your goal, and use your support system when you feel defeated.

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Marianne Seneczko

Marianne was inspired to serve in U.S. Military Medical Corps after volunteering at a military hospital in Ukraine during her Fulbright Fellowship.

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Marius I. Chukwurah Headshot

Marius I. Chukwurah

Marius was inspired by his parents who immigrated from Nigeria, and the doctor who stabilized his scoliosis.

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Mary Becker Rysavy

Mary describes her work with the American Medical Women’s Association and addresses the unique concerns that face women in medicine.
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Michael On'Gele Headshot

Michael On'Gele

Witnessing the health disparities in his community motivates Michael to want to practice in urban areas.

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Navin Kesari Headshot

Navin Kesari

Navin is inspired by his parents who immigrated to the U.S. and made sacrifices so that he and his brother could pursue the American dream.

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Nicholas Beam Headshot

Nicholas Beam

Nicholas encourages pre-meds to explore interests outside of medicine because they will make you a better doctor and person in the long run.

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Nicole Barainca Smith Headshot

Nicole Barainca Smith

Nicole left her job in business to go back to school to complete her medical school prerequisites. Now as a medical student and mother of two, she wants to tell other parents it's possible.

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Ogochukwu Marietta Ezeoke-200x250.jpg

Ogochukwu Marietta Ezeoke

Motivated by a personal family experience with cancer, Ogochukwu is pursuing oncology and medical research.

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Osose Oboh Headshot

Osose Oboh

A daughter of immigrants, Osose witnessed the complexities of navigating the healthcare system from an early age and felt called to pursue a career in medicine.

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Pevan Mehat Headshot

Pavan Mehat

Pavan on why he's glad he took time to get a master's degree before medical school, and the importance of doing activities because you're passionate about them, not just because you think they'll look good on your application.

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Rebecca Lynch Headshot

Rebecca M. Lynch

Rebecca, who has dyslexia and struggled with general chemistry, says her biggest obstacle was overcoming self-doubt. She wants to remind premeds that no one expects you to be perfect and not to give up.

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Renee Ridley Headshot

Renee Ridley

After working as a nurse and professor for 30 years, and taking the MCAT exam 5 times, Renee is in medical school pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

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