David Parker, MD

A team physician for the Washington Redskins, Dr. Parker describes how his father inspired him to pursue a career in medicine.

David Parker

Medical School: University of Louisville School of Medicine
Residency: Northwestern University
Fellowship: Sports Medicine Fellowship at Baylor Sports Medicine Institute
Specialty: Orthopedic Medicine Test
Team Physician for the Washington Redskins and D.C. United



What led to your interest in a career in medicine?

My father provided inspiration through his career as a pediatrician. 

What do you enjoy most about your work as team physician for the Washington Redskins?

The interaction with the players.

How did you become one of the team physicians for the DC United?

Personal interest and through my practice affiliation with the club. 

What obstacles or hurdles did you overcome in your medical school journey?

Trying to balance educational aspirations with personal time and outside interests. 

What surprised you the most about medical school?

The lasting friendships created during that time. 

What was the most important factor for you when selecting a medical school?

I wanted most importantly a great clinical experience that would provide the necessary skills to care for patients/athletes.

What advice do you have for new applicants considering a career in medicine?

If you choose a career in medicine, make sure you enjoy it! You will spend a great deal of time working! 

Do you have additional information or thoughts to share that would be helpful to prospective students?

Strive to maintain a balance in your life as you progress through the educational path to your career.

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