Careers for PhD Graduates: Academic Institutions

Learn about the different positions available to independent scientists at academic institutions.

Many PhD scientists seek positions as independent scientists at academic institutions, where they have two major roles. One major role is to establish a research laboratory in which they engage in exploratory research to generate and test novel hypotheses, solicit grant funding to support that research, and publish results in scientific journals. The other major role is in teaching students at a variety of different levels—undergraduate, graduate, professional, and postdoctoral students—within a scientific discipline of their expertise. Academic scientists usually have additional smaller roles in service to their department, college, or university, and sometimes in administration.

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Tools for PhD Applicants

Helpful tools for those applying to medical PhD programs

Workshops for Prospective PhD and MD-PhD Applicants

Upcoming short presentations will describe features of MD-PhD training, alumni careers, and detailed logistics of the application process.

Financing Your Graduate Education

Graduate schools in the biomedical sciences will generally provide a comprehensive funding package to their students.

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Predoctoral Programs by School

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