Continuing Medical School Checklist

Continuing Medical School Checklist
A financial checklist form with orange checkmarks

Preparing for Your Year Ahead 

Use this checklist as you prepare to continue your medical education.

  • Apply for financial aid each year (be aware of all necessary applications and deadlines).
  • Review your school’s financial aid offer for the upcoming year.
  • Learn about the terms and interest rates associated with any newly offered aid. 
  • Create a budget and spending plan based on the upcoming year’s cost of attendance (COA), activities and related expenses.
  • Access your credit report and monitor for identity theft.
  • Learn about costs associated with each year of medical school (M2, M3 and M4).
  • Set up a meeting with financial aid staff to discuss any questions you have, review your budget, and make a financial plan for the year ahead.
  • Review additional FIRST resources and learn about programs and opportunities that may be available as you continue your education.