Medical School Transcript (MS Transcript)

Medical School Transcript (MS Transcript)

Uploading the MS Transcript

Residency applicants’ Designated Dean’s Office is responsible for uploading the MS transcript into the ERAS system. 

  • IMGs Only: IMG residency applicants must indicate in the MyERAS portal if they themselves or their medical school will provide a MS transcript to the ERAS Documents office at ECFMG. Instructions for submission can be found on the ECFMG website
  • The EFDO is responsible for uploading the MS transcript into the ERAS system for fellowship applicants. Applicants should visit the EFDO website for information about submitting the MS transcript for upload. 

Assigning the MS Transcript

  • Residency applicants do not assign the MS transcript; it is automatically sent to all the programs to which an applicant applies. Applicants will see “No Available Action” in the Additional Documents section. 
  • Applicants must make assignments of the MS transcript to the programs they designate: 
    • The MS transcript can be assigned at any time, including before it is uploaded. 
    • The MS transcript can be assigned to any saved or applied to programs from the Additional Documents page by selecting “Assign” under the Actions column. 
    • Programs listed with a disabled checkbox already have the MS transcript assigned and have been applied to. 
    • The MS transcript can be assigned by program using the Assign option under the Actions column on both the Saved Programs and Programs Applied To pages. 
    • Once the MS transcript is assigned to a program that has been applied to, it cannot be unassigned. 
    • The MS transcript cannot be assigned to programs that are closed.