Resources for GHLO® Students

Resources for medical students taking visiting electives abroad with Global Health Learning Opportunities® (GHLO®)

GHLO® Student Handbook

A Guide to the GHLO Application Service and Program

Before You Leave

Preparing to apply for opportunities abroad can be daunting. We've compiled resources to help you get organized.
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Tips for GHLO® Students While Abroad

As a medical student participating in an elective at a host institution abroad, it is important to be prepared and organized.

When You Return Home from Abroad

We're so glad you were able to take part in the GHLO® experience! We hope that you will contribute to our vision of being a community of future health professionals who are transformed by memories...

Recommended Reading for GHLO® Students

Consult these resources for answers to questions that may arise before or during your international experience.
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GHLO® Introduction

This video introduces the Global Health Learning Opportunities® program.

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GHLO® for Medical School Staff

Global Health Learning Opportunities® (GHLO®) resources for institutional employees including deans, faculty members, administrators, and others who work in the sphere of global health education

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