When You Return Home from Abroad

We're so glad you were able to take part in the GHLO® experience! We hope that you will contribute to our vision of being a community of future health professionals who are transformed by memories and valuable lessons during your experience abroad.

A Few Last Details

Complete any required paperwork.

If you will be receiving credit for your experience from your home institution, be sure to have your host institution complete your evaluation and that it is returned to your home school.

Did you receive your GHLO Certificate of Completion?

While this does not indicate that you are receiving credit from your home institution, it does serve as validation that you have completed your global health experience.

Stay in Touch!

  • Please share your global experience with us on Facebook and with others at your home institution.
  • Join the GHLO Alumni Community private Facebook Group.
  • Volunteer to be featured in GHLO's quarterly newsletter.

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