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What was the best thing about VSAS?

"VSAS gave me the ability to search for and read about many programs of interest and even discover ones I had not previously considered!"

"The VSAS phone support team was awesome. Courteous, fast and knowledgeable. I was very impressed!"

"VSAS was easy to use. Compared to applying by paper, VSAS really makes this process much more manageable!"

"The VSAS website is well designed and the phone service when I had a question was AMAZING. The person that helped me was incredibly helpful, and there wasn't a long waiting period to talk to a real person. I cannot say how happy I was that it was so easy to get the problem fixed and my question answered!"

"The best thing was a one time application that could be applied to all host institutions.  3rd year is a very busy time, and this saves a great deal of headache for students."
"Thank you for making the stressful life of Med Students easier through VSAS!"

"Not only was there a list of participating schools, but it had important information on all of them including contact people, required documents, etc."

"Everything is electronic—I felt more involved. There is less paperwork and no more faxes or mail."

Host Institution Feedback

"Without a doubt, VSAS has been an absolute blessing for those of us on the host school side of the visiting student elective application process, and the clinical coordinators with whom I work have expressed that they find the system to be user-friendly and a substantial improvement over our former applicant tracking system. Overall the move to VSAS has been of great benefit to our medical school. Thank you!"
—James Leahy, Visiting Student Electives Coordinator
University of Vermont College of Medicine

"Due to VSAS, we are starting to receive applications from parts of the country where we haven't seen applicants before. The system has been very easy to implement and has improved our existing application processing procedures."
—Chris Meiers, Assistant Dean of Students/Registrar
University of Kansas Medical Center

"At Georgetown, we have benefited greatly from serving in the VSAS pilot program as a host school. Specifically, the organizational control that VSAS brings to the visiting student process eliminates the paper that we previously labored under. The Web-based program securely houses the applications, and prevents the confusion that was associated with this process. Data is easily retrievable, either individually or in the aggregate. A much more streamlined system. Our clinical departments are pleased that we are quickly able to analyze student requests, and make elective offers in a more timely fashion."
—Linda Gwinn, Assistant Dean for Curriculum Management
Georgetown University School of Medicine

"VSAS has drastically changed the face of our visiting students application process, both for our student body and visiting student applicant pool. Convoluted pipelines have been streamlined, and chaotic back-and-forth of hard-copy applications and information has been replaced with efficient communication and organization. We have far less opportunities to become burdened by the needs to track down 'missing applications' or verify eligibility hastily. Any visiting student application process, however centralized or not, will benefit from the efficiency and user-friendliness offered by VSAS"
—Sofia Almeda, Assistant Registrar, University of Texas HSC, San Antonio

"This program saved OHSU (and me) a lot of time and trees. My visiting student files went from a full lateral file drawer to about 6 inches of file drawer space. The applications arrived online in a logical and easy to read format. It was easy to contact the applicant and if necessary their home school. My departmental coordinators and their faculty liked receiving the applications online instead of the paper copies of the past. They were able to track their visiting student applicants better and everyone agreed that it was a success."
—Marica DeCaro, Student Records Manager/Visiting Student Coordinator
Oregon Health & Science University

"Our students love using the Visiting Student Application Service. They have been impressed with ease of use and appreciate the quick reply they receive from the schools. From their perspective the only drawback has been the limited number of schools using the system. On the administrative end it is also a success. The support we receive from you and your colleagues is outstanding! I am so glad we were selected to participate in the pilot."
—Ellen DiFiore, Registrar
Boston University School of Medicine

"The electronic Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) program thus far has been an enlightening experience.  We have received more US medical students applying for our electives than ever before. Their documents, photos, application, etc, have all been wonderful to receive by just "clicking" for the information.  It has helped us get a good picture of the students before he or she arrives for the elective(s).  This is a new program for us, we have only utilized it for approximately 4 months and we have a large volume of US medical students applying.  Can't wait to see what this service will bring to our hospital in years to come, as we get a better understanding and more advanced with this application service."
Tina Marshall, UME-Institutional Student Education Coordinator
Maimonides Medical Center

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