VSAS® Resources for Staff

Resources for staff at home and host institutions that participate in the AAMC's Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS®) program
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Guides for Staff

VSAS Documentation and Tutorials for Staff

VSAS Training Sessions

VSAS offers many different online training sessions for Home and Host users. Select a link below to see the opportunities available:

VSAS Listserve

The VSAS listserve is a tool for home and host institution users as it provides timely updates about the software and serves as a great forum for sharing helpful feedback, tips or asking questions about VSAS and the visiting student process.

If you would like to receive VSAS announcements, please subscribe to the VSAS listserv.

AAMC Uniform Clinical Training Affiliation Agreement - LCME Endorsed

The AAMC Uniform Clinical Training Affiliation Agreement is a simple, one-size-fits-all agreement designed to spell out roles and responsibilities between a medical education program and its clinical affiliates, and to eliminate time spent negotiating (and re-negotiating) agreements. Learn more

VSAS FAQ for Staff

Find out which students should use VSAS, how to get started using the software, how to grant authorizations to students, and more. Read the VSAS FAQ for Staff

Join VSAS!

Host institutions are invited to join VSAS and receive and process visiting student applications for the upcoming academic year.

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