Students in the U.S. Pursuing Electives Abroad

If you are enrolled in a U.S. medical school and interested in clinical, research, or public health opportunities abroad.

International opportunities allow medical students to work with different patient populations, develop cross-cultural understanding, and learn about health systems and approaches to medical care in other nations. The Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) program saves you time searching for, and applying to, electives, and gives you a better chance of being accepted. 

Why pursue an elective abroad?

You will:

  • Work with different patient populations
  • Learn about global health systems
  • Increase your intercultural understanding
  • Possibly receive academic credit

Medical or public health students enrolled at VSLO participating home institutions Global Network are able to search and apply for opportunities in the VSLO program. Check with your own medical school to see if they have other requirements about when you can participate in international opportunities through VSLO.

Before You Leave

Preparing to apply for opportunities abroad can be daunting. We've compiled resources to help you get organized. 

Tips for Medical Students While Abroad

As a medical student participating in an elective at a host institution abroad it is important to be prepared and organized. 

When You Return Home from Abroad

We're so glad you were able to take part in the VSLO experience. Here are some tips as you reflect on your experience. 

Recommended Reading for Participating in Global Experiences

Consult these resources for answers to questions that may arise before or during your international experience. 

VSLO Student Essentials

Use the VSLO Student Essentials guide to help you access the application service, complete your profile, search for and save electives, and begin the application process.

Search for Electives

Browse our catalog of away electives at participating host institutions by location, keywords, specialty, and more.

Find Participating Host Institutions

Find a complete listing of participating host institutions.

VSLO Participating Home Institutions

Find a complete listing of all participating home institutions. 

VSLO Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about VSLO? Check out these frequently asked about topics. 

How to Use the VSAS Application Service

The VSAS application service makes it easier for medical students to apply for clinical or research opportunities.

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