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The AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities® (VSLO®) program combines the legacy VSAS and GHLO services into a single program that helps institutions send and receive medical and public health students who wish to pursue short-term learning opportunities in locations away from their home institutions.

The VSLO program fosters a community of insitutions that have adopted common processes, policies, and practices to facilitate learning opportunities for students. The result has been learning opportunities for thousands of students who otherwise would have been unaware or unable to participate.


Since the program launched, the VSLO team has been working to help our institutions transition and to enhance the VSLO application service.


Program Scope

The VSLO program provides a range of benefits to participating institutions as detailed in the following table. It outlines the areas of current benefits and planned growth and was developed in collaboartion with our institutional partners.

VSAS Application Service Institutional Networking International Partnerships
  • Searchable elective offerings
  • Web-based application
  • Institutional training
  • Cross-cultural and language tools
  • Health and safety resources
  • Housing assistance
  • Professionalism and ethics guidance
  • Curriculum sharing
  • Best practices
  • New benchmarks
  • Conference presentations
  • Joint research
  • Publications
  • Working groups
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Association linkages
  • Scholarships and funding
  • Nongovernmental organization (NGO) engagement
  • International education providers
  • Alumni support

Our Networks

Institutions that join the AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities program may post elective opportunities and enable their students to apply for elective opportunities posted by other participating institutions. Each participating institution is a member of one or both of the following networks:

The U.S. Network is open to U.S.-based institutions that are able to send their students to other U.S. medical schools and receive students from other U.S. medical schools.

The Global Network includes institutions that send or receive students to locations outside of the U.S. U.S.-based institutions are automatically part of the U.S. Network and can also choose to join the Global Network. All other institutions are automatically part of the Global Network.

VSLO Application Service

The VSLO program is powered by the VSLO Application Service, which is sometimes referred to as VSAS to provide continuity for institutions familiar with the legacy VSAS service. The VSLO Application Service is software accessible though that provides critical program support to institutions and students.

Host institutions publish and manage elective offerings, select students, and, upon completion of the elective, submit an evaluation to the student’s home institution.

Home institutions review and release student applications, track progress, and, ultimately, determine whether to grant elective credit. The VSAS application service streamlines the application process for students and for home and host institutions.

Students establish a profile, search, and apply for electives.

Joining the VSLO Program

It's easy for qualified institutions to join the VSLO program. The first step is a conversation. Our staff looks forward to sharing information about the program and understanding your needs.

When you're ready to join, we'll email you a program application to complete and submit. 

To get started, please contact us at

U.S. Network

Participating institutions in the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities program that send and/or receive students within the U.S.

Global Network

Participating institutions in the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities program that send and/or receive students globally.

Training for Participating Institutions

The Visiting Student team provides comprehensive training on the application service, to ensure a smooth transition for our participating institutions. The trainings address management of both the U.S. and Global networks.

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VSLO® Frequently Asked Questions

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