How to Use VSAS® for Home Schools

This is a general guide to help staff at Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS®) home schools understand how to use VSAS.
Since each user is set up to view and complete different home school tasks in VSAS, the following steps will not apply to all users.

Step 1: Sign In to VSAS

  • Your school's VSAS primary contact must add you as a user before you may sign in to the software.
  • Complete the Registration Process: Go to the AAMC's registration Web page and submit the access code that was e-mailed to you in the VSAS: New User Instructions email. If you have an AAMC username and password, please sign in. Otherwise, please complete the registration process so you may acquire an AAMC sign in.
  • Sign in to VSAS: Go to VSAS and sign in using your AAMC username and password.
  • Update Profile Information: Click the My Profile icon, located at the top right of the VSAS screen, to review and update your contact information.

Step 2: Set School Preferences

You can configure and manage these home school preferences through the Setup tab.

  • Create School Users: The VSAS primary contact, or their designee, is responsible for creating all additional VSAS users at their school. Each new user will be assigned one or more roles that determine what they can or cannot do in VSAS.
  • Edit Institution Information: Review and edit the home school's "My Student Contact". This information will be displayed to each of your students upon sign in.
  • Set Default Verification Settings: Verified data   must be provided for each student who submits a VSAS application. Set defaults for these statements as the majority of students will likely require similar responses.
  • Set Institution Preferences: Choose the default number of authorizations each of your students will be granted.
  • Edit E-mail Templates: Review and edit the home school e-mail templates. Use "wildcards" to add dynamic data.

Step 3: Authorize Your Students to Use VSAS

Students may not sign in to VSAS until they have been issued authorizations by their home school.

  • U.S. LCME-accredited medical schools - VSAS automatically e-mails each authorized student their detailed sign in instructions at their e-mail address housed in the Student Records System (SRS). From the Issue Authorizations screen, review the E-mail column to see how many SRS e-mail addresses are missing or out of date. Each school has one or more designated SRS users that can assist with updating this data so that authorizations can be issued and e-mails delivered.
  • COCA accredited AACOM member colleges - Participating colleges will upload student roster files   into VSAS containing an ID number, name, e-mail address, and graduation date for each student. VSAS will automatically e-mail each authorized student their detailed sign in instructions at the uploaded e-mail address.
  • Authorize Students: Students will not be able to access VSAS until they have been issued authorizations. The number of authorizations issued indicate how many elective applications a student may submit through VSAS. This number may be increased or decreased at any time by the home school.

Step 4: Support Your Students' Applications

After students begin submitting applications, each home school will support their students' applications through their VSAS My Students tab.

  • Upload Documents: While home schools may upload student standard documents and supplemental documents (both may be optional), primarily they will be responsible for uploading student transcripts. Students will choose which applications and host institutions should receive all of their uploaded documents. Home schools can make supplemental documents 'Private' or not visible to the student to protect confidential documentation, the students will not be able to view the contents of these files but will be able to attach them to host institutions/applications in support of their application(s).
  • Verify Student Data: Before a student's application can be released to a host institution, the student's status must be verified by the home school. This occurs by the home school providing responses to verification statements for each student, choosing between Yes, No, or Other for each. A comment can be added when Other is chosen.
  • Release Applications to Host Institution: Student applications may be released to host institutions for processing once the home school verifies the student's data.

VSAS Home School Training Notes

Located in the Resources section, the VSAS Training Notes provides detailed information and instructional how-to's.


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