GHLO® Fees

The cost for students to use the GHLO® application service is $45 U.S. dollars for each elective that you apply for.

The cost for students is $45 U.S. dollars for each elective that you apply for. If you apply to 3 different specialty electives at one institution, you must pay the GHLO® application fee three times.

In addition, each GHLO-participating institution determines its own application processing and/or tuition charges, which are clearly outlined inside the GHLO application. Host schools are required to provide a total estimated cost for one-month rotations.


Do I need to pay just to look for electives?

No. Accessing the GHLO application service, searching for, and saving elective opportunities is free.

If I pay an application fee, am I guaranteed a placement?

No. You are paying an application fee to be able to access the GHLO application service, which includes searching for electives and submitting documents via the application software, and access to related application resources.

There is no guarantee you will be accepted. Every hosting institution must evaluate each application for its merit and matches the requested rotations with availability.


Will I get a refund of my application fees if I don't get a placement through GHLO?

No. The student GHLO application fee is non-refundable. Please see our refund policy.


How do I pay for GHLO?

You pay for your elective application inside the GHLO Application service.

After you have finished uploading all necessary requirements and documents to your intended elective, you must pay for your elective application using a credit card or debit card. The credit or debit card must be able to make an international transaction or international payment.

After you have paid the application fee, your home institution will endorse and release your application to potential host institutions.


Can I pay in my local currency?

No. The GHLO application fee can only be paid in U.S. dollars (USD).


Can someone else pay my application fees?

Yes. Someone else can pay for your application fees on your behalf using their credit card or debit card.


Can I pay for all the electives I am applying to in one transaction?

No. You must pay the GHLO application fee each time you submit an elective application.


Do I need a Paypal account?

No. You only need a credit card or debit card that can make an international payment or international transaction. The accepted credit card types are: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.


Do I pay the institution tuition through the GHLO application service?

No, if the institution requires tuition fees, then you must pay directly to the institution, or however they specify payment. The GHLO application fee is the only fee you pay to the AAMC. All other fees are paid directly to the institution.


What is the difference between the GHLO application fee and the host institution’s processing fee?

The GHLO application fee covers the use of the GHLO application service. Institutions are allowed to have their own processing fees if they choose to – this may cover their administrative services. Institution processing fees vary among each institution--some may not even require a processing fee.

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