Before You Leave

Preparing to apply for opportunities abroad can be daunting. We've compiled resources to help you get organized.

Visa Requirements

Before you leave, you must check the conditions in your destination country and know their visas requirements.

Language Assessments

Some institutions may require you to complete a language exam to accurately determine your knowledge and proficiency. Check with each institution to determine their requirements. ...
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Applying for a Non-immigrant Visa to the United States: Ten Points to Remember

Courtesy of the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Office of International Student Services

Health and Safety for Medical Students Abroad

To prevent health and safety-related issues, it's important that you keep yourself informed and take the proper precautions while you are abroad.

Tools for Medical Students Abroad

VSLO Student Essentials

Use the VSLO Student Essentials guide to help you access the application service, complete your profile, search for and save electives, and begin the application process.

Search for Electives

Browse our catalog of away electives at participating host institutions by location, keywords, specialty, and more.

Find Participating Host Institutions

Find a complete listing of participating host institutions.

VSLO Participating Home Institutions

Find a complete listing of all participating home institutions. 

VSLO Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about VSLO? Check out these frequently asked about topics. 

How to Use the VSAS Application Service

The VSAS application service makes it easier for medical students to apply for clinical or research opportunities.

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