Take the SVI

The SVI should take between 25-30 minutes to complete. It is broken down into 11 sections including six questions.

Standardized Video Interview Timeframe

Section Time Allotted
Interviewee Agreement unlimited
Introductory Video (optional) 3 minutes
Technology Check     unlimited
Practice Attempt(s) (optional) unlimited
Question 1 30 seconds to read; 3 minutes to respond
Question 2 30 seconds to read; 3 minutes to respond 
Question 3 30 seconds to read; 3 minutes to respond 
Question 4 30 seconds to read; 3 minutes to respond 
Question 5 30 seconds to read; 3 minutes to respond 
Question 6 30 seconds to read; 3 minutes to respond 
Consent to Release Scores to Your U.S.-Based Medical School unlimited
Post-Interview Survey (optional) 10 minutes
Total Content Time 21 minutes
Total "Seated" Time approximately 25 - 30 minutes

Step-by-Step Guide to Taking the SVI

Know what to expect on the day you take the SVI.

  1. Find a private, quiet, and well-lit space where you can complete the interview by yourself and you are free of potential distractions. 
  2. When you are ready to complete the Standardized Video Interview, access the interview platform using the link sent in your personalized email invitation. Once in the interview platform: 

    • The system will automatically conduct a technology check to confirm that your equipment is working properly.

    • Click the “Practice” button and practice reading and responding to questions in the interview platform (optional). Watch your sample interviews to ensure that you are satisfied with your camera position and audio quality.

  3. When you are ready to begin the official video interview, click the “Start Now” button. Once you receive the first question, you will have up to 30 seconds to read and reflect on the question and up to three minutes to record your response.
  4. After completing the six Standardized Video Interview questions, you will be asked if you consent to release your Standardized Video Interview score to your U.S.-based medical school ERAS® contact. This will appear as Question 7.

  5. Your Standardized Video Interview responses are not stored until you select the button on the screen that is “Done answering,” “Finish,” a stop sign, or other similar term or symbol, depending on your device’s operating system. 

  6. The interview platform sends an automated acknowledgment email stating “Interview Complete” shortly after your videos are uploaded to the system. If you do not receive such an email within 24 hours of completion, please complete the Standardized Video Interview Contact Form.

SVI Essentials for the ERAS® 2020 Season

The official policy and procedure guide for the Standardized Video Interview.

Application Preparation Guide

For more information on application preparation, review this guide. 

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