SVI Technology Disruptions

The AAMC takes great care to ensure that registrations are properly processed; video interviews are properly prepared, handled, and scored; and that the integrity of the Standardized Video Interview program is maintained. In the unlikely event that an error occurs, the AAMC will take reasonable measures to correct it. In cases where the interview service is not delivered or completed as designed, the AAMC may permit the affected applicant(s) to retake the whole video interview to remedy the situation.

Reporting a Technology or System Issue

You will not be able to view your video responses during or after you complete the Standardized Video Interview. If you believe that a technology or system issue interfered with your performance on the video interview, and you wish to have the AAMC research what occurred, please submit a completed Technology Issue Report Form within 24 hours of the experienced technology issue.

If an interview irregularity is confirmed, you may get an opportunity to retake the interview, at the AAMC’s sole discretion.

If you do not report an issue, the AAMC will contact you if we determine a technology or system issue occurred during your interview and that affects our ability to score your interview. However, the AAMC will likely contact you in August or September 2019; therefore, waiting for the AAMC to contact you will result in your having less time to retake the interview.

Internet Browser Closes

If your internet browser closes for any reason while you are responding to a question before you click the button to end the recording or time expires, reopen the interview platform and continue your interview. Respond to the question presented, complete the remainder of your interview, and upload your responses. 

Within 24 hours of the internet browser’s closing during your interview, you must submit a completed Technology Issue Report Form


If the AAMC determines that you need to retake your Standardized Video Interview due to a technology or system issue, you will receive a new interview invitation. You must complete the whole interview. All retakes must be completed by Sept. 16, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. ET. Total scores for retakes completed after the Interview Window will be reported on Oct. 15, 2019. 

Technical Questions

The HireVue platform has a team of professionals ready to assist you 24/7 with any technical issues before or during your interview. Please reference the HireVue code displayed at the bottom of your personalized email invitation. 

     Phone: 800-655-4106 (U.S.) or 011-801-316-2910 (Outside U.S.)


Report a Technology or System Issue

The Standardized Video Interview Technology or System Issues Form is no longer available because the SVI for ERAS 2020 is closed.

SVI Essentials for the ERAS® 2020 Season

The official policy and procedure guide for the Standardized Video Interview.

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