SVI Research and Data

Evaluating the SVI

The Emergency Medicine Standardized Video Interview (EMSVI) working group partnered with the AAMC to design a longitudinal study to evaluate the SVI. These studies will evaluate the SVI in four areas: Psychometrics, Applicant and Program Director Reactions, Fairness and Preparation, and Predicting PGY1 Performance. Together, the results from these studies provide evidence of the validity of the SVI scores.

The EMSVI working group includes representation from the following groups: SAEM, CORD, CDEM, AACEM, EMRA, AAEM-RSA, AAMC-GSA, AAMC-GDI.

Future Research

In addition to the longitudinal study, AAMC is committed to evaluating the SVI. Future research will address the following topics:

  • Relationship between SVI scores and Step 2 CS subscores
  • Relationship between SVI scores and SLOE
  • Computer scoring

Research Publications

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