SVI Practice Interviews

Prepare for the AAMC SVI with official interview questions written by the interview developers at the AAMC.

The AAMC is making two practice interview forms available in HireVue® at no cost. Practice and hone your interviewing skills, and gain more confidence, with these two full-length online practice interviews. Each interview contains a set of 6 questions, mirrors the actual SVI in length, and has similar functionality to the actual SVI. When you complete a practice interview, you’ll become familiar with the types of questions and video interviewing environment you will experience on the actual SVI. Plus you get unlimited practice attempts, meaning you can complete each interview as many times as you’d like.

With each Practice Interview, you will be able to:

  • respond to 6 interview questions written by the SVI question developers at the AAMC, 
  • complete the interview with the same time limits and countdown timer as the actual SVI,
  • become familiar with the video interviewing environment for the actual SVI,
  • use unlimited practice attempts to repeat a practice interview, focusing on certain questions or refining how you respond to questions.

Practice Interview Registration and Completion

Get started today! Follow three simple steps to complete each practice interview.

  1. Select a practice interview. These two online practice interviews will help you to prepare for the AAMC SVI with questions written by the SVI question developers and with similar features and functionality to simulate your AAMC SVI experience. Each interview includes a set of 6 questions and mirrors the actual SVI in both length and functionality. When you take a practice interview, you’ll become familiar with the types of questions and video interviewing environment you will experience on the actual SVI.
  2. Register for the practice interview.  You will need to enter your first name, last name, and email address. 
  3. Complete the practice interview. Upon registration, you will enter the AAMC SVI practice form. However, you do not need to complete the practice interview at that time. You will also receive a registration confirmation email from HireVue that includes a unique link to be used later on a day/time most convenient for you. You have the option to complete the interview in one sitting or complete a subset of questions over multiple sittings.

Register for Practice Interview One
Register for Practice Interview Two

You will be routed to the HireVue Practice Interview Registration page. 

Terms of the Practice Interview 

  • Each practice interview contains 6 retired SVI questions. The set of 6 questions is different on Practice Interview One and Practice Interview Two. The same set of 6 questions for a practice interview will be displayed each time that practice interview is launched. 
  • You will have up to 30 seconds to read and reflect on each written question and up to 3 minutes to record a response. Once the question is revealed, there will be no pauses until the time to record the response has elapsed. After recording a response, you may choose to progress to the next question or take an untimed break. 
  • You will not be afforded the opportunity to view your video responses during or after you complete the practice interview. You will not receive a score for your practice interview.
  • After you complete a practice interview, you will receive a Thank You email from HireVue. At this time, your unique link to the practice interview will no longer be available. You will need to register again to receive a new link and complete the practice interview again.
  • You can complete each practice interview form as many times as you would like as you prepare for the interview. Each time you wish to begin a new practice interview, you will need to complete the registration process described above to receive a new unique link. Each unique practice interview link is available for completion of one interview. 
  • Upon receiving your SVI practice interview registration confirmation email, you will also have access to an unlimited set of typical job interview questions in the HireVue system. These questions are not specific to medical residency but will provide an additional opportunity to respond to questions in the interview platform.

Technical Requirements

The technical requirements for the practice interview mirror those for the actual SVI. You can complete the practice interview using any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone.

AAMC Standardized Video Interview: Applicant Preparation Guide

This document focuses on tips tailored to preparing for and completing the Standardized Video Interview.

Sample SVI Questions

Review sample SVI questions for both Interpersonal and Communication Skills and Knowledge of Professional Behaviors.