Contact the AAMC Before Conducting Research on the SVI

Request permission to use AAMC SVI data in your research activities.

SVI Research Request Process

Evaluating the AAMC SVI is important to the AAMC and the graduate medical education community. The AAMC welcomes your partnership in conducting SVI research. AAMC staff can help connect you with colleagues who are conducting similar research, can answer questions about the SVI, and provide consultation related to research methods and statistics. 

As noted in the Standardized Video Interview Participating Program's Terms and Conditions and the Standardized Video Interview Participating School’s Terms and Conditions, any research using SVI data must be reviewed by the AAMC prior to submission for conference presentations, publication in a journal, and/or other outlet.

AAMC will evaluate data requests for: clarity and purpose of the research question(s); the extent to which the data, methods, and analyses can answer the research question(s); and tone/objectivity, among other considerations. AAMC reserves the right to request further information, and to accept or decline any request. The outcome of a research study will not be considered in AAMC’s decision to accept or decline any request.

To request approval to use SVI scores and/or videos in research, please email with a subject line of “SVI Research Request.” An AAMC staff member will contact you to confirm receipt of your email as soon as possible, typically within two business days. You should allow 30 days for AAMC to review your request. Your request should include a manuscript or a summary of your research to include the following:

  • The First and Last Name of the Principal Investigator
  • Position/Title
  • Institution
  • Name of the conference and/or journal in which the research might be shared/submitted
  • Study Purpose
  • Research Questions
  • Description of the sample (sample size, population, etc.)
  • Description of the data you are requesting to use
  • Description of the research methodology
  • Description of the analysis plan

Researchers are encouraged to contact the AAMC prior to starting any new SVI research study rather than waiting until after the study is complete. Contacting the AAMC in advance will help ensure that the final review of your conference or manuscript submission is timely and efficient. 

To date, the AAMC has received 15 research requests for study proposals, conference submissions, or manuscripts for journal publications. Of these, two fell out of the AAMC’s purview for review, eight are approved studies which are now pending final manuscript review, and 4 were approved manuscripts or approved pending minor revisions. Thus, 92% (12 out of 13 valid requests) have been approved to move forward.

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