Reserving and Confirming a Seat

To schedule an MCAT exam with accommodations, you must first register for a standard seat by signing in to the MCAT Scheduling and Registration system.

To schedule an MCAT exam with accommodations, you must first register for a standard seat by signing in to the MCAT Scheduling and Registration system. We encourage you to register for your preferred test date as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of testing in a convenient location on your preferred test date. Also, in the event your request for accommodations is not approved, you will be able to test under standard conditions as scheduled.

When choosing your test date, make sure to leave enough time for the review of your application as well as the confirmation process. See the table on the Application Time Frames and Types for more information.

If you choose, you can wait to register for an exam until after you receive a determination on your request for accommodations; however, it is less likely that you will be able to register for your preferred test date and/or location. Also keep in mind that we cannot begin the confirmation process after an exam date’s Silver Zone deadline.

Once your request for accommodations has been approved and you have registered for a standard seat, we will work to confirm your accommodations. No further action on your part is required. We will contact you via email once your accommodations have been confirmed.

On occasion, a testing center may be unable to provide all of your approved accommodations. In that case, we will confirm your accommodations at the closest test center that is able to accommodate you. Please be aware that only testing centers near your original location will be offered as alternate locations; if you wish to test in a different state or region, you will need to reschedule your exam using the MCAT Scheduling & Registration System. All standard deadlines and fees apply.

Note on testing over multiple days

Due to the length of the MCAT exam, all examinees approved for extended exam time will test over multiple days. Other accommodations may also require testing over multiple days; your approval letter will specify if this is necessary in your case.

Exams administered over multiple days will be scheduled on pre-determined, consecutive days, with two sections administered per day. The order of the test sections is the same as in standard test administrations.

Below is the schedule for multiple-day testing in 2017:

If you register for: Your test dates will be:
January 19 January 18 & 19
January 28 January 27 & 28
March 31 March 30 & 31
April 22 April 22 & 23
April 28 April 27 & 28
May 13 May 12 & 13
May 18 or 19 May 18 & 19
June 1 June 1 & 2
June 16 or 17 June 16 & 17
June 29 or 30 June 29 & 30
July 21 or 22 July 21 & 22
July 27 or 28 July 27 & 28
August 3 August 3 & 4
August 11 August 10 & 11
August 18 or 19 August 18 & 19
August 24 August 24 & 25
September 1 or 2 September 1 & 2
September 9 September 8 & 9


MCAT Exam with Accommodations FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about applying for accommodated testing.

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To protect the applicant, the MCAT Office of Accommodated Testing will not accept inquiries from third parties regarding an applicant or his/her accommodation request, unless specifically authorized to do so by the applicant in writing.