Practice with MCAT Exam Features

Practice with Exam Features


The Practice with Exam Features tool allows you to simulate the MCAT exam test taking experience using features available during the real MCAT exam (e.g. highlight, strikethroug, etc.). Item contents are only for illustrative purposes. To view the full description of the MCAT exam, go to

The MCAT exam gives you the option to use the keyboard shortcuts listed below.  You do not need to memorize the shortcuts. The shortcuts are indicated by an underlined letter within a word and are available on relevant screens.

Please note: If you took the MCAT exam prior to January 2018 or have used any practice materials before December 2017, highlight and strikethrough functionalities operate differently. A new way to highlight and strikethrough is now available on both the passages and the questions. We recommend you practice using your mouse and shortcuts to determine what works best for you. 

Available for individual questions and moving between questions:

    • Alt + N to advance the screen to the next question or to answer “No” in a pop-up screen
    • Alt + P to return to the previous screen
    • Alt + V to open the Navigation window
    • Alt + H to highlight text in yellow or remove the highlight added to text
    • Alt + S to draw a line through any text or remove the line added to the text
    • Alt + T to open the periodic table
    • Alt + C to close the Navigation window or periodic table
    • Alt + F to flag a question for review

Available within the Section Review:

    • Alt + E to end the review of a section or the exam
    • Alt + W to return to Section Review after reviewing an individual question
    • Alt + A to review all questions
    • Alt + I to review incomplete questions
    • Alt + R to review flagged questions
    • Alt + Y to answer “Yes” in a pop-up screen
    • Alt + O to answer OK in a pop-up screen