How to Apply for MCAT Accommodations Online

MCAT Accommodations Online is a Web-based application system that allows examinees seeking testing accommodations to submit their applications, track application statuses, and access past decision letters.

Before you can access MCAT Accommodations Online, you first need to create an AAMC account to obtain an AAMC ID number. Please note that you already created an AAMC account if you previously registered for the MCAT exam, started an AMCAS application, or applied for the Fee Assistance Program. If this is the case, you should use the same account to access MCAT Accommodations online. Do NOT create multiple AAMC accounts.

You should use MCAT Accommodations Online if you are submitting an initial request for accommodations. If you are submitting any other type of application (such as a Reconsideration, Appeal, or Extension), please see the Application Time Frames and Types webpage for more information on submitting your application.

MCAT Exam with Accommodations FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about applying for accommodated testing.

Contact the MCAT® Office of Accommodated Testing Services

To protect the applicant, the MCAT Office of Accommodated Testing will not accept inquiries from third parties regarding an applicant or his/her accommodation request, unless specifically authorized to do so by the applicant in writing.