Fee Assistance Program: After Submission

Next Steps after submitting the Fee Assistance Program application.

Submit Application

You cannot change, correct, or update your Fee Assistance Program application once it has been certified and submitted to the AAMC for processing. Remember to enter income and other dollar amounts in whole dollars. Round to the nearest dollar if necessary.

After Submission

After you submit your application, you will receive an email regarding your application status from the AAMC. If you are ineligible for the Fee Assistance Program based on the information you submitted, your application will be denied at this point.

If you are eligible for the Fee Assistance Program based the information you entered, your application will be marked as On Hold. You will receive instructions regarding any supporting documentation the AAMC needs to process your application.

Next Steps: Uploading Supporting Documentation

Step 1: Consent and Certification Forms

Print each of your Consent and Certification forms. The form will detail what supporting financial documentation the AAMC needs based on the information provided in your application.

The Consent and Certification Statement must be signed. If the signer is married, the Consent and Certification Statement also requires their spouse’s signature.

By signing the Consent and Certification Statement the signer is agreeing to the following:

“I certify that the information being submitted is complete and accurate, to the best of my knowledge. I understand that submitting false information or omitting required or material information could result in an Investigation, which may impact my eligibility for Fee Assistance. I understand that the AAMC may require additional documentation in order to process my application. I authorize the AAMC to retain copies of my submitted documents for a period of 90 days beyond the date when an award decision has been made. I certify that my ability to pay the AAMC Service Fees is absolutely dependent upon my receipt of AAMC Fee Assistance.”

Step 2: Document Gathering and Upload

The AAMC needs the documents listed on your Consent and Certification Statements forms in order to review and process your Fee Assistance Program application.

In most cases, the AAMC requires official forms from the source of your or your parent(s)’ income, such as an IRS 1040 Federal Tax Form or a W-2 or 1099 Form from an employer. For other examples, see the What You Need to Apply page of the Fee Assistance Program website. If applicable, please use one of the downloadable document templates provided. Each time you use a document template, it must be signed by the person who received the income.

Once you have gathered your required documents, upload them to your application as PDF files, text files, or images. You may submit saved files, scanned documents, or even photos of documents taken with a smartphone or digital camera. Once you have selected the document you would like to upload, click the Submit Documents button to release your documents to the AAMC.

You may return to add other documents as they become available to you.

In some cases you may have to provide a document that is not specifically listed Step 2. You may use the Optional Supplemental Documents section to add document types to Step 2. For Optional Supplemental Documents, select a Document Type first from the dropdown list under the "Optional Supplemental Documents", then follow the steps above.

Remember to click Submit Documents each time you upload a set of documents.

When all required documents have been uploaded your application status will change to Pending Verification.

If you cannot provide your documents digitally, they may be mailed or faxed. If you mail or fax documents, allow 3-5 business days for your documents to be marked as received after they are scheduled to arrive at the AAMC.


The 2018 Fee Assistance Program application is now open.
As of October 18, the Fee Assistance Program is processing applications that were in "Submitted and Pending Verification" status on October 16.

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