Application Time Frames and Types

Learn about the time frames for applying for accommodating testing on the MCAT exam.

Most initial requests for accommodations will be reviewed within 60 days of submission of a complete application. The review cycle for Reconsiderations, Appeals, and Extensions is 30 days. Remember that submitting an incomplete application may extend this time frame considerably and may prevent you from testing on your preferred test date with accommodations, so pay particular attention to the application requirements that apply to your request.

You must submit your application far enough in advance to allow us time to confirm or arrange your accommodations on your preferred test day. We are not able to begin the confirmation process after your exam’s Silver Zone deadline, as that is the minimum amount of time needed to confirm your accommodations.

To help you submit your application on time, please refer to the table below. Submitting your complete application by the date listed will guarantee a decision in time for any approved accommodations to be confirmed for your exam date.

Submission Dates for Preferred Exam Date

Exam Date (2017)     60-day Review Cycle*   30-day Review Cycle**
January 19 November 5, 2016 December 5, 2016
January 28 November 14, 2016 December 14, 2016
March 31 January 15, 2017 February 14, 2017
April 22 February 6 March 8
April 28 February 12 March 14
May 13 February 26 March 28
May 18 & 19 March 4 April 3
June 1 March 18 April 17
June 16 & 17 April 2 May 2
June 29 & 30 April 15 May 15
July 21 & 22 May 7 June 6
July 27 & 28 May 13 June 12
August 3 May 20 June 19
August 11 May 27 June 26
August 18 & 19 June 5 July 5
August 24 June 10 July 10
September 1 & 2 June 18 July 18
September 9 June 26 July 26

*Applies to initial applications, including previously incomplete applications.

**Applies to Personal Medical Item Requests, Appeals, Reconsiderations, and Extensions.

Application Types


An Initial application is your first request for accommodations and is submitted via MCAT Accommodations Online (MAO). The review cycle for an Initial application is 60 days for a complete application, so make sure to submit your application as soon as it is complete, but no later than the date in the table above that corresponds with your test date. To ensure your application is complete when you submit it, make sure to carefully review the Application Requirements associated with your request.

Personal Medical Item

If you have a medical condition that necessitates that you bring a personal item into the testing room and you are not requesting any other accommodations, the review period is shorter (30 days). You can still submit your application via MCAT Accommodations Online (MAO).Your application should include a cover letter along with documentation in the form of a detailed letter from your physician, on letterhead, that explains the rationale for your request. Written notes on prescription paper will not be accepted. Examples of personal medical items include, but are not limited to:

  • Medication
  • An insulin pump
  • A cast
  • A prosthetic device
  • An inhaler
  • Food or beverage


Your approval letter will specify when your accommodations expire. If you need to extend your approved accommodations beyond the specified date, you may submit an Extension Request. Before doing so, make sure the documentation you submitted with your initial application is still current. If the documentation is not current, you may need to submit updated information. Then, complete the form below and mail it to the address on the form. The review cycle for an Extension is 30 days.

Reconsideration and Appeal

If all or part of your request for accommodations was denied, you are welcome to request additional review of your application by submitting a Reconsideration or an Appeal request. The review cycle for both Reconsiderations and Appeals is 30 days.

We encourage you to submit a Reconsideration if you can gather additional and substantial evidence to support your request for accommodations. If you are submitting a Reconsideration, please complete the forms below and return to our offices along with the additional supporting documentation.

You may submit an Appeal if you would like to request additional review of your application and you do not have any additional documentation to provide. Please note that you may only submit an Appeal once, and our decision is final. To request an Appeal, complete and submit the form below.

Remember that all registration deadlines, fees, and policies remain in effect during the Reconsideration or Appeal process.

MCAT Exam with Accommodations FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about applying for accommodated testing.

Contact the MCAT® Office of Accommodated Testing Services

To protect the applicant, the MCAT Office of Accommodated Testing will not accept inquiries from third parties regarding an applicant or his/her accommodation request, unless specifically authorized to do so by the applicant in writing.