AMCAS® Application Tips

List of ten helpful tips on the American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®) application process.
Click on the following sections for helpful tips on the AMCAS application process. You can also download a printer friendly version of this list.


The AMCAS Applicant Guide is the best source of detailed information on the AMCAS application and application process. If you have questions while working on your application, click the Help button in the upper right corner to bring up the section of the Applicant Guide that corresponds to the section you are working on.

Most medical school deadlines occur in the fall, but many applicants choose to submit their AMCAS applications in June, July, and August. Before you rush to submit your application in June, make sure you consider the availability of your MCAT scores and whether you want to take the test again, and if your spring and/or summer grades will be on your official transcripts. Give yourself enough time to craft an error-free and complete application.

Review the Medical Schools Admission Requirements website and the websites of the medical schools you want to apply to so you are familiar with their admissions requirements, restrictions, and processes.

All of your required official transcripts must be marked as “Received” before AMCAS can start verifying your application. To avoid unnecessary delays, use Transcript Request Forms so your required official transcript(s) can be more easily matched to your application. Consult the AMCAS Instruction Manual and the Schools Attended section of your application to determine which of your transcripts AMCAS requires (it’s most likely all of them).

You must enter information about every course you have ever taken, including those you withdrew from, failed, or repeated (even if your school has a forgiveness policy). Unofficial transcripts do not always reflect this information..

Once you submit your application, your essays and experience descriptions cannot be edited, added to, or removed. The AMCAS application does not have spell check, but most internet browsers do, so make sure yours is enabled. Use the Print Application feature to double-check all of your entries. Remember, your AMCAS essay is sent to all of the schools you apply to, so should NOT be medical school-specific.

The majority of your application cannot be changed once you click “Submit”. You can update your basic contact information; add letters of evaluation (but you cannot edit or delete existing entries); change your intended MCAT testing date or indicate that you plan to take the exam again; add medical school designations if their application deadline dates have not passed; grant your pre-health advisor access to your application information.

If you make changes to your submitted application, make sure to officially update your application by clicking on the “Update Application” button on the Main Menu— if you miss this step your changes will not be saved. Updating your application will not delay processing or result in more fees (unless you added medical schools).

AMCAS will update you on the progress of your application (including the receipt status of your letters and transcripts) via your application status and email. Monitor your application status via the Details link on the Main Menu of your application. Ignoring notifications or not responding quickly enough to emails can lead to missed deadlines. If you do not know what a notification means, contact us, and we are happy to answer your questions.

AMCAS and medical schools use the email address provided in your application for important communications. If your contact information changes, update it in your application immediately to ensure that you do not miss any correspondence. If you’ve already submitted your application, be sure to save your updated contact information by using the Update Application feature—this won’t cause any processing delays.

Participating Medical Schools and Deadlines

Use the AAMC American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®) Medical Schools and Deadlines search tool to find application deadlines at participating regular MD programs.

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