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  • MCAT Score Report Verification

    To verify MCAT exam scores sent to you via paper, please enter the verification code listed on the report: Verify the Authenticity of an MCAT Score Report

    If you believe the report you received is fraudulent or the scores on the report do not match the scores on the "verify" screen, please contact us immediately at

AAMC MCAT Official Prep Discounts for Prehealth Advisors

Official prehealth advisors receive a discount off MCAT Official Prep products regardless of the amount purchased.
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Resources to Prepare Your Students

Discover free resources to help you to better prepare students for the exam.

Find the percentile ranks for the MCAT exam, data on the current testing years, and important information on the exam scores.

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Recorded Webinars

2020 MCAT Testing Year and Registration Opening Webinar
This 1-hour presentation recorded on October 3, 2019 provides information on the upcoming 2020 MCAT testing year, the new AAMC MCAT Official Prep products, and resources for advisors to help prepare students for the exam.

Past Presentations

Presentation Slides: MCAT Update: What You Need to Know 
These slides were presented at the 2018 NAAHP National Meeting on July 1, 2018. During this plenary session, MCAT staff and Robert Witzburg, Emeritus Dean of Admissions at Boston University School of Medicine, discussed what we have learned about students who have taken the current version of the MCAT exam, how admissions officers are using MCAT scores in 2017 student selection, an update on the ongoing predictive valdity research, and testing program updates for 2018. 

Handout: 2017 Testing by the Numbers and Student and Pre-health Advisor Resources
This handout was provided during the 2018 NAAHP National Meeting on July 1, 2018. It includes information about the 2017 testing year, resources for students, and resources for pre-health advisors.

Additional Resources

Q-UPP eNewsletter Archive
The Quarterly Update of Progress and Projections for the MCAT exam ran from March 2013 through July 2015 to provide pre-health advosors information and updates about the new MCAT exam.

Testing Academic Competencies with the 2015 MCAT® Exam
This 28-page guide describes the academic competencies tested on the MCAT exam and why they are important, looks into the test questions of the exam, and details the way in which fairness concerns guides the test development and analysis. (Published in 2014)