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AAMC VITA FAQ for the 2021 Application Cycle

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To learn more about the AAMC VITA, read these frequently asked questions.

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Given the need to conduct safe interviews during the COVID-19 pandemic, the AAMC collaborated with relevant parties to create a virtual interview program for the 2021 application cycle.

The AAMC is able to offer the AAMC VITA interview with the assistance of its delivery administrator, HireVue, using the HireVue video interviewing platform. This is an online, one-way recorded interview; there is no human interviewer. Throughout the recorded response, your face must be visible to ensure it is you who is completing the interview, and your voice must be audible to permit evaluation by the medical school.

The AAMC VITA is delivered at no cost to interviewees during the 2021 application cycle (i.e., Aug. 6, 2020, through April 30, 2021).

The AAMC has taken steps to minimize the risk of bias on the AAMC VITA interview. Questions are reviewed by medical school subject matter experts to ensure they do not contain biased or sensitive content. The AAMC is also requesting admissions committees from all schools that use AAMC VITA to complete unconscious bias video interview training. Additionally, the AAMC VITA interview was modeled after the scored AAMC Standardized Video Interview (SVI) for residency applicants, which reported no group differences in SVI scores between Black, Hispanic, Asian, and White applicants. 

The AAMC has developed an extensive question bank to address the issue of unfair advantage in the event an applicant has prior exposure to some questions. In addition, applicants agree to the AAMC VITA Interviewee Agreement, which states that they will not collect, share, or distribute the interview questions in any way. Applicants are subject to an investigation if they are found to have breached the integrity of the video interview.

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